Previous Recipients


Caitlin Hennessy (267x400)Caitlin Hennessy, 1st Year recipient, Class of ’16

I am so honored to have received it in her beautiful name.  I know Bridget is always with me in spirit and I am so blessed to have grown up with her and to have her in my life. She has the most beautiful personality that I will remember forever.
Caitlin Hennessy, Class of ’16

Casey Hogan '16 (267x400)

Casey Hogan, 1st Year recipient, Class of ’16

I’m honored to received this scholarship in Bridget’s name.  She has always been a person that I looked up to and will forever remain in my heart.  She was the main reason I chose to go to McAuley.  When I shadowed with Bridget, I enjoyed all the classes and how the students and teachers related.  Bridget showed me that McAuley was the place that I will love and should attend after graduation from 8th grade. I pray for Bridget and her family daily.
Casey Hogan, Class of ’16



Emily LePretre '18 (267x400)Emily LePretre, 2nd Year recipient, Class of ’18

Thank you so much for choosing me to be the recipient of your generous scholarship.  It means a lot to me and my family.  We appreciate it very much!  I will try my hardest to keep Bridget’s spirit and the McAuley alive where ever I go.
Thank you again,
Emily LePretre, Class of ’18


Leah SheerinLeah Sheerin, 2nd Year recipient, Class of ’18

Thank you so much for helping my parents send me to Mother McAuley.  I know that the road ahead may be difficult but my faith, family and friends and preparation from the Mother McAuley community will help me grow not only as a child of God but as a well-rounded young woman.  I believe the academic career along with the social opportunities will prepare me in the life challenges both during and after my Mother McAuley experience.
Leah Sheerin, Class of ’18

Megan ScanlanMeghan Scanlon, 2nd Year recipient, Class of ’18

I hope I can spread McAuley’s spirit as well as Bridget Anne Cullen did and still does. I want to attend McAuley for it’s high academic standard, Catholic education and great sense of community and team spirit.
Most Grateful,
Meghan Scanlon, Class of ’18


Erica Hollander '19 (267x400)Erica Hollander, 3rd Year recipient, Class of ’19

I would like to thank you again for the generosity of the scholarship. It has helped not only me but also my family.  It has helped my family because they are putting four children through catholic education. I will take all the opportunities Mother McAuley has to offer me and I will continue Bridget’s legacy even after I leave McAuley.
Thank you again,
Erica Hollander, Class of ’19

Abigail Joiner '19 (267x400)

Abigail Joiner, 3rd Year recipient, Class of ’19

I would like to express my gratitude for your generosity.  The scholarship you have rewarded me with has helped my family tremendously.  It means so much that you have allowed me to attend Mother McAuley High School with less of a tuition payment.  My parents work very hard to send me to school and this scholarship will help my family very much. I am going to use the education you helped provide me with to give myself the best life I can have.
Thank you once again,
Abigail Joiner, Class of ’19

 Emma Hennessy '19 (267x400)Emma Hennessy, 3rd Year recipient, Class of ’19

Thank you so much for choosing me for one of the scholarship awards for McAuley.  I am so sorry about Bridget.  I am really sad about what happened and I want you to know that she was a wonderful person.  She was truly wonderful.  I miss her and she is included in my prayers.
Emma Hennessy, Class of ’19