Bridget Anne Cullen Memorial Scholarship

The Cullen family wishes to thank all of you for supporting the Bridget Anne Cullen Memorial Scholarship. We are forever grateful to the hard-working committee, our family and friends, donors, sponsors, expert hosts and diligent workers of 115 Bourbon Street and all those who simply said a prayer for our angel Bridget and family. We couldn’t have made this event so successful without all of YOU participating.

The Cullens want to extend a special acknowledgement for your support during this extremely busy time of the year. We know how the holidays added extra tasks, family responsibilities and especially financial obligations to all your lists.

We held our 1st committee meeting on Nov. 5th ! This event was put together in less than 56 days, really less than that when you take out Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas day and New Year’s Eve. It’s really amazing how it all came together so quickly and it truly would not have happened if it wasn’t for the people that live in one of the best communities in the world. The support that’s been shown both near and far has been truly humbling. We are forever grateful and Thank you once again. We love you all!

To conclude, we’d like to share a prayer from St. Brigid, mother of Ireland.



The Bridget Anne Cullen Memorial Scholarship was established as an enduring tribute to keep Bridget’s loveable spirit alive with us.  The Cullen family and benefit organizers hope to support families that want to provide their daughters with a Catholic education at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School.

Bridget Anne Cullen

This scholarship was initiated by donors after Bridget’s passing on January 1, 2013.  Many friends wanted to perpetuate the memorial and the benefit event became a reality.



Bridget Anne Cullen Memorial Scholarship Benefit 2016 Featuring Marty Casey, Paddy Homan, and Coyote Riot.

Please consider contributing to the scholarship by becoming a sponsor or making a donation of funds, raffle prizes or gifts in kind to help alleviate expenses and contribute to the scholarship goals.

To donate via Credit Card, please click the button below:

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To donate via Check please send donations to:

Bridget Anne Cullen Memorial Scholarship
c/o Anne Cullen
11153 S. Campbell Ave
Chicago, Il 60655

Every bit helps a family send their daughter to Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School.

Contributions to the Bridget Anne Cullen Memorial Scholarship are tax-exempt to the extent allowed by law as it falls under the tax id of Mother McAuley tax id # 53-0196617

St. Caj Girls at McAuley

Bridget, Mr. Rabe Class